Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter Skin Care Tips

There are many people no matter whether they are men or women they are extremely facing the problems of getting oily skin.
1. Firstly, our skin cells are always in the need of maximum water in the winter time spell. All the people with oily skin should make the habit drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday so that the hydration of water will travel into the inner section of the skin for fighting against the oiliness.
2. Secondly, don’t fail to remember exfoliate the skin regularly. According to the research it has been founded that the use of exfoliate will reduce the chances of getting cancer as well and it will eventually make your skin glowing and shimmering too.
3. Thirdly, during the winter there is still the danger of UV rays that can damage the skin cells badly and for set aside with these UV you should make a habit of using the sun blocks even in winter.
4. Most importantly in view of the food items try to intake Omega 3 foods that comprise fish and nuts and this will make the skin healthy.
5. Furthermore, lips also demands for extreme attention. For avoiding lips from getting rough and dry it is important stay connected with lip glosses and don’t allow the lip to get dry at any cost.
7. Moreover, in winter we usually take hot steamed baths but we are not aware from the fact that as we take the bath the skin cells get badly damaged due to the excessive heat.
8. Lastly, the Vitamin C is known among one of such ingredients for the skin that saves the skin features from all types of aging, acne, pimples, dark circles and so many other skin problems.

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